American Crew

Director Jim Elkin issued a challenge to our organizational and creative abilities: "Can you edit, color correct and deliver 100 vignettes in 3 weeks?"

Agency Karsh and Hagan commissioned Roshambo Films to shoot 100 experts answering a myriad of questions on the topic of hair loss for American Crew.

Starting the edit immediately after the first of a 10-day two-city shoot, and maintaining a schedule of cutting 10 vignettes per day were just two of the challenges we faced to meet the delivery deadline. The shoot covered 5 days in the Denver Metro area, and 5 days in Chicago.

Editor William Bullen worked continuously over a two week period to keep the pipeline flowing to Bob Maple for color correction, audio and final graphics. The Karsh team included writer Matt Ingwalsen, art director Sean Crane, and agency producer Lindsay Jacobsen.

We have a few selections of the finished videos on our Vimeo channel, and all 100 vignettes available for viewing at

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