Kasasa 360

2D meets 3D in a new animation spot by Roshambo Films for Kasasa 360, a new online personal finance management system being offered by banks across the country.

In a month-long process working with director Jim Elkin of Roshambo, idolum helped take the spot from concept to completion. Using 3D animation with hand-painted textures, we created a dynamic trip through a colorful Kasasa world where all your finances are easily under your control.

idolum's Alyssa Cooper started by drawing detailed storyboards, designing the world which Kasasa 360 inhabits.  The boards were later colored and cut into an animatic to approve the concept and scenes of the spot prior to any animation work being done.

The next stage had idolum's Bob Maple busy making the various 3D models and simultaneously working out the animation, ultimately creating an unshaded 3D motion animatic. With animation locked, the finish work of texturing the 3D models began with Alyssa hand-painting high resolution image maps which were re-projected onto 3D the models, creating UV maps applied to the models for final render.

Lastly, a pass of animated brush strokes and scribbles finished the look while the soundtrack was completed, with original music composed and recorded by Coupe Studios.

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