Stevinson Auto

She said she only drove it to and from church.. but Piffle & Snark shows us the real history of this grandmother's car in one of a series of new spots for Stevinson Auto, onlined & color graded at idolum.

Promoting their Certified Pre-Owned car dealerships and online car listings, the new Stevinson spots use humor to tackle a variety of stresses and caveats in buying vehicles from people you don't know. In "Old Lady" we catch a glipse of the hard life of a sedan owned by a seemingly pleasant old woman. "Demands" and "Click" show us buyers ready to play hardball to get what they want, and "Digital Age" has owner Kent Stevinson lamenting the wonders of technology allowing him to order everything from coffee to cars while remaining in his bathrobe.

The four spots, along with 8 other wrap-around snippets, were directed by Sean Leman of Piffle & Snark, cut by Zen Rosenthal. Online and finish work including compositing, effects and color grade were done by Bob Maple here at idolum, with Coupe Studios taking care of the audio mix and sweetening.

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