Virtual product shots

We do a lot of animation here at idolum, but sometimes a project comes along that requires a bit less motion – like, none.

ChemMasters produces concrete sealers and various other construction chemicals which tend to come in big metal pails – shiny, reflective pails that show every mark, ding and fingerprint – the scourge of still photographers. When it came time to revamp their website, ChemMasters wanted slick, perfect product shots that are difficult to get in the real world, making it a perfect job for CGI.

3D objects were modeled from scratch in Lightwave using the actual physical containers for dimensions and as surfacing guides. The graphic wraps and labels were applied using the same vector artwork provided to the container manufacturer for printing on the actual products.

Once placed on a virtual white cyc stage, the lighting and surfacing were adjusted to achieve the right balance between the shine of reflectivity and the readability of the graphics. Having complete control over the environment – where the camera, lights, and other gear don't actually exist and thus can't reflect in the products – resulted in perfect product shots for ChemMasters.


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