USA Pro Cycling Challenge Visits Denver

The USA Pro Cycling Challenge came through Colorado in August, bringing in racers and spectators from around the world thanks to a spot from Karsh\Hagan for Visit Denver.

Broadcast across Europe on the HD sports network Eurosport in English and French, the spot Urban Meets Outdoor emphasized even more reasons to visit Denver.

Built entirely from still photos which were cut apart into multiple 2D layers to create subtle 3D motion in the images, other augmentations were also done to bring the stills to life. CGI water was made to spray from the fountain in the middle of Ferril Lake in City Park, flying powder and snow chunks were added to skiers and snowboarders shredding the slopes to look as if they were shot high-speed, as well as numerous other light effects and even rolling clouds.

Check out an English version of the spot right here.

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