Kasasa 360

2D meets 3D in a new animation spot by Roshambo Films for Kasasa 360, a new online personal finance management system being offered by banks across the country.

In a month-long process working with director Jim Elkin of Roshambo, idolum helped take the spot from concept to completion. Using 3D animation with hand-painted textures, we created a dynamic trip through a colorful Kasasa world where all your finances are easily under your control.

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LiveWell Colorado

You deserve to be healthy - and doing it begins with reminding yourself as much. idolum helped Launch Advertising inspire you to make a few good choices in "Shrines of Motivation," a new spot for LiveWell Colorado.

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Wyoming Tourism: Imaginary Flight

idolum takes to the skies to Roam Free over Wyoming in a new spot by Barnhart for Wyoming Tourism. Titled Imaginary Flight, we get a glimpse of Wyoming through the imagination of a young boy flying over the landscape.

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A Winter to Forget

What could be more romantic than surprising your significant other with a new car for Christmas? Well, it's a little less romantic when you lead them outside to an empty driveway.

Amelie Company spoofed a well-known seasonal ad campaign for Coloradans Against Auto Theft as a way to warn drivers that leaving your car running unoccupied is a good way to turn "a season to remember" into "a winter to forget."

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Virtual product shots

We do a lot of animation here at idolum, but sometimes a project comes along that requires a bit less motion โ€“ like, none.

ChemMasters produces concrete sealers and various other construction chemicals which tend to come in big metal pails โ€“ shiny, reflective pails that show every mark, ding and fingerprint โ€“ the scourge of still photographers. When it came time to revamp their website, ChemMasters wanted slick, perfect product shots that are difficult to get in the real world, making it a perfect job for CGI.

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