Stevinson Auto 50th Anniversary

It's Stevinson Automotive's birthday, and Kent Stevinson has a theory how they've stayed successful for 50 years.  Obviously it's their in-house Feng Shui expert.

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Hug a Hunter

We live in a beautiful state -- and the money generated from hunting and fishing licenses help the Colorado Wildlife Council keep it that way.  So if you really love the Colorado outdoors, you just might want to hug a hunter!

idolum was pleased to work on two new spots by CCT Advertising for the Wildlife Council displaying some of the beauty of Colorado and reminding us how hunters and anglers help protect it.

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A young woman walks into a comedy club, starts out as a waitress, and later winds up owning the joint...  that's the story of Wende Curtis, owner of the popular Comedy Works comedy clubs in Denver.

Wende, along with olympic hurdle winner David Oliver, credit their public school teachers for giving them the encouragement to become anything they wanted to in two new spots for the Colorado Education Association.

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Roshambo Films' new logo

When Roshambo Films recently revamped their look with a new logo and website, they asked us to create an animated ident.

A logo, some images, a handful of sound effects and probably a few too many sodas later, this is what came out!

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Mitsubishi LaserVue

Television technology has been in a constant state of change since we gave up CRTs for LCD, DLP, and Plasma. Now Mitsubishi has added lasers into the mix with their LaserVue series TVs, and idolum was called upon to help shed a little light on the subject. Lasers aren't just for annoying your cats anymore.

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