About us

# i·dol·um, n. : an appearance or image; a phantasm; a mental image or idea

idolum is a Colorado-based content creation company founded in 2008 by Robin Schmachtenberger and Bob Maple. We've been creating commercials and corporate communications for clients nationwide.

Whether it's 3D animation or live action, color or VFX, idolum can blend all the above to help you tell your story.

Clients First

We believe in partnership and we’re here to help you achieve your goals. We listen, learn what’s most important to you and determine the right steps together.

Correct Talent

Just like every person is unique, every project has a specific goal requiring the right people with the right skills.

Budget Appropriate

One of the first questions we’ll ask is “Who is the audience and how do you plan to distribute?” and recommend the right tools with the appropriate costs to meet your goals.

Deliver On Time

We’ll create a schedule together that has the time you need for approvals at each step of the process shared with the entire team.

Right Questions

We’ll ask the right questions and listen to find the story that needs to be told with a focus on the objectives of the project.

We'd love to learn more about your next project and get involved.