On Tap Credit Union

# Your banking needs are on tap.

Ninth and Chapel
Edit, Color Grade, Finishing

Agency Principal
Scott Richards

Art Director
Anthony Ream

Dillon Snyder

Carol Williams

Tom Miller

Megan Bee

65 years ago, in the depths of a brewery basement eight Coors employees founded Coors Credit Union. From its humble beginnings, growth has been fueled by the dedicated team members and their commitment that makes them exceptional. With the consistent expansion of financial solutions and increasing membership, the name was updated to On Tap Credit Union.

To raise awareness for custom tailored loans and services, we worked with our friends at Ninth and Chapel to create a series of spots. When creative concepts were being developed for new commercials, featuring the real faces and unique persona of the institution were essential elements.

Featuring a dad, a baker, and a young couple as customers, actual On Tap team members provided all the right answers. Working with the credit union team members we experienced first-hand why they are successful!